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Financial Projections and Analysis

Al Nami Group provides services to small and big corporations, individuals as well as families related to financial aspects of project development and implementation. We provide clear insights and practical solutions related to financial planning, budgeting and expense controlling where as a result we are helping our clients navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape.
Financial aspects of project development tend to be complex, heavily regulated and time consuming, but through our expertise in the intricacies of the regulatory and tax environment, the valuation of complex financial instruments and the challenges of maintaining strong accounting and investment controls, we are providing our clients with precise information, confident decisions and trust. Besides, we are developing feasibility studies for potential projects, and auditing ongoing and completed projects.
Our focus has always been to build long-term relationships and with our clients, by providing business solutions in professional manner, where we assist them in creating value-added business solutions.

Architectural Services

Maximize the potential of your property portfolio with our architecture and design services.
By engaging our experienced architectural and design team, we will help you create efficient, inspirational and motivational homes, buildings and working environments, enhancing property value and performance. Our team comprises of architects and civil engineers who can help you with unique designs and plans for apartments and houses, through in-depth analysis accompanied with dedicated time and maximized effort.
We are specialized in the areas of project inception, design development, site selection and analysis, interior and exterior design, graphic design, renderings and creating promotional materials. Other activities of our architectural team are related to full time site representation and supervision of the projects.
Sustainable architecture is our main focus where we are seeking to minimize negative environmental impact on houses and buildings by efficiently utilizing materials, energy, development space and ecosystem at large. Besides, we are designing passive and low-energy houses with deployment of latest advancements in architecture.

Develpment and consulting

Al Nami Group Development & Consulting Services offer property development and real estate consulting which can bring your business idea to the next level. Our dedicated team will help you to employ best management practices mixed with vast local experience in order to develop new projects. From project planning, through designing, permitting, budgeting stages and all the way to project execution and construction Al Nami Group Development &
Consulting Services will guide you to achieve your goals in the simpliest possible way. We provide these services accross an array of corporations, institutions, professional service firms, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals and families.
Our area of expertise further implies negotiations with contractors, construction and supervision companies in order to ensure full implementation of our projects. Our partners are well known local and international business entities willing to help us solving most complex issues in property development industry.
Real estate projects offered in our consulting program range from houses, office buildings, residential areas, hotels and townships. For more info visit:

Travel and Tourism services

Al nami travel exists to serve all good people who would like to come and explore Balkan countries, enjoy its nature, taste its food and get to know hospitality of its people.
Tourists from all around the world, no matter the age, sex or race are encouraged to visit Balkan countries and realize why the Balkan countries are called crossroad of civilizations. Our heritage is thousands year old, and our culture so colourful.
All our guides speak English and Arabic language, so we guarantee that you get most of our country in the language you prefer.
Come on, be our guest.
For more info visit:

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About Us

With an unmatched level of experience, you can rest assured that we will help you find your next home, income property, office space, or land upon which to build your dreams

Al Nami Group was founded in 1996 by Dr. Nami Al Nami. Since then we have been providing expertise in the following business categories: property development, consulting, valuation, property management and investment management.

Throughout its history, Al Nami Group has consistently responded to challenges and opportunities, emphasizing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our proven ability to absorb, improve and generate new technologies, processes and management philosophies has long fueled our competitiveness and growth.

Our business operations exist in Europe and GCC countries, particularly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Germany, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The headquarters of Al Nami Group are located in Kuwait and are active under the name Regional Support Co. As our founding company, Regional Support Co. has become a leader in the field of construction and property development.

We offer a comprehensive range of property development services covering areas such as: real estate projects, townships and compounds, office buildings, houses, hotels, as well as fully-serviced condominiums. These services include project inception and design development, project implementation, construction and maintenance.



Al Nami Group is a creative, innovative and people-oriented organization providing individual opportunities, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the company. We use our extensive knowledge to help our clients achieve their business goals. We are always at the right place with the right attitude able to help our clients meet their goals.



Our vision is to be amongst the few recognized, preferred and respectable property developers in regions where we do business. We strive to be a respected brand in property development industry promoting sustainable projects, leading the real estate business towards innovative, proactive and optimized results.



The organization is strongly supported by an expert technical team, specialized in delivering business solutions in diverse disciplines. Our project and technical teams cater to the clients’ requirements within business constraints of time and cost. The team is comprised of PMP professionals, certified technical architects and domain consultants with vast experience. In order to manage your investment and time in the most efficient way Al Nami Group is the perfect solution.

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