Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Maximize the potential of your property portfolio with our architecture and design services.


By engaging our experienced architectural and design team, we will help you create efficient, inspirational and motivational homes, buildings and working environments, enhancing property value and performance. Our team comprises of architects and civil engineers who can help you with unique designs and plans for apartments and houses, through in-depth analysis accompanied with dedicated time and maximized effort.


We are specialized in the areas of project inception, design development, site selection and analysis, interior and exterior design, graphic design, renderings and creating promotional materials. Other activities of our architectural team are related to full time site representation and supervision of the projects.


Sustainable architecture is our main focus where we are seeking to minimize negative environmental impact on houses and buildings by efficiently utilizing materials, energy, development space and ecosystem at large. Besides, we are designing passive and low-energy houses with deployment of latest advancements in architecture.

Shark Villas Trabzon - Turkey

Shark Villas is a modern gated community comprising urban villas.

Nour Tower - Kuwait

Nour Tower  is an office building with 22 floors that offers everything a business needs to thrive including high standards, superior quality and, of course, a prime location in the centre of Kuwait rapidly growing business district.